Specialties Jeff Gellman brings you his own no-nonsense, real-world dog training program, using blunt humor and honest wisdom. His proven life-changing techniques and bold approach bring a fresh perspective to canine behavior modification and obedience. Gellman is an outspoken opponent of click and treat dog training, which he believes leads to increased disconnection between humans and dogs, increased aggression, and increased obesity. He helps people find solid solutions to age-old dog training problems. Aggression Training House-Training Puppy Training Bringing Home Baby Off-Leash Training Real-World Distraction Training Party and Event Work Vet Visit Assistance Solid k9 Training is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Jeff Gellman is available to travel nationally as a private dog trainer. A fully qualified staff assists with Training, Boarding, Canine Massage, Reiki, and Sound Healing. Like us on Facebook! Twitter @SolidK9Training Meet the Business Owner:
Jeff G. I’m Jeff Gellman, the guy with the long hair who walks 8-10 dogs at the same time around Providence every day, especially around Blackstone Blvd. I am the trainer other trainers recommend for dogs that have INTENSE behavioral problems that they cannot fix. But I don’t just work to fix behavioral problems with dogs. I can prevent such problems from happening. Many clients hire me right before they bring their new dog home. A client who hires me when a dog is 8 weeks old will have a dog that is fully trained at 6 months of age. I can train any dog. “Experts” may tell you to be careful of trainers who claim this, and some call it being cocky. But I call it Intense Confidence in my abilities. I’m a “Real-World” dog trainer, who will work with your dog in real-life situations. Also, I do not attempt to take the playfulness out of your dog. Play is important, at appropriate times and places. In fact, I find that dogs respond well to my sense of humor.

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