Specialties Green Penguin, Inc. is committed to reducing the volume of the e-waste stream and its resulting impact on our environment and world. We provide data destruction, asset recovery, and environmentally responsible electronic waste disposal to the Providence, RI area and technological renew-ability to the world. History Established in 2010 We started Green Penguin because we saw that so many other electronics recycling firms didn’t really care at all about people or the environment, they’d just found ways to use laws and regulations to make themselves a quick buck. Not only were they inefficient in scrapping perfectly usable systems and parts, but they were also indiscriminately selling that scrap to downstream vendors who had no problem sending it overseas to be burned or disassembled by people in now well-known e-Waste cities, just to make a few more dollars. We want to change that. We set out to develop economically viable methods for handling used electronics responsibly without just burning all of it to reclaim the trace metals. Green Penguin Also Recommends Whole Foods Market 601 N Main St Providence, RI 02904 Categories: Grocery, Health Markets, Seafood Markets, Caterers “Like recycling, natural and organic foods are good for the environment, our health, local businesses and community.”

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