Specialties Some dogs require more than a simple walk to use up all of that energy. That’s where Canine Cardio can help. Does your busy schedule prevent you from getting your active pup the proper amount of exercise? Canine Cardio can run your dog while your at work so that when you get home, you and your dog can both relax after a busy day. Canine Cardio Co. is insured, bonded, canine CPR certified and a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. History Established in 2012 I started a dog running business because it combined my two loves: dogs and running. I’ve been running marathons and other distances now for ten years or so. When my wife and I got our Black Lab, Lucy, we quickly realized that if she didn’t do something constructive with her energy, she was going to be destructive. Once she was about a year old, I started taking her out on short runs. Once she got her endurance up, we were going 5-7 miles. Finally, something that expelled all of her energy and pooped her out. Then it hit me, why not help other people who may not have the time or ability to run with their hyperactive dogs. Soon after, Canine Cardio Company of Rhode Island was born. Meet the Business Owner:
Clayton R. My name is Clayton R. and I am the Owner and Chief Executive Dog Runner at Canine Cardio Company of Rhode Island. I am an avid runner who has completed many marathons and other distances as well. I have been a dog owner all my life and currently have a black lab that looks forward to her daily run. With Canine Cardio Co. of RI, I can help your dog maintain or attain the proper level of fitness to ensure that he is a member of your family for many years to come. I am canine and human CPR certified, insured, bonded, a member of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters and a finisher of many Marathons and Ultra-Marathons.

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