Specialties Photofinishing Photographic Printing Press Printing Giclee / Ink Jet Printing Sublimation Canvases and Gallery Wraps Greeting Cards Photo Jewelry History Established in 1990 Printmakers officially started in 1990 however the crafters at Printmakers have been in the industry since the 1970’s integrating the best practices with new technology and digital processes to become a leader in quality photo finishing for professional photographers. Meet the Business Owner:
Tony R. Tony graduated from the New England School of Photography and had a strong passion for photography. His skills in the darkroom led him to a career in the finishing side of the industry and a deep rooted technical ability in printing. In 1990, Tony started Printmakers, Inc. serving professional photographers in the portrait industry. Printmakers has grown and expanded to the current facility in Pawtucket, RI with a product portfolio for nearly every type of photographer. In his free time Tony enjoys fishing and watching sports with his two sons, Nick and Kyle.

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